MPC Black Magic Wheels


MPC Black Magic Wheels

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MPC Black Magic wheels are the performance standard as an all-round racing and training wheel. This is MPC's latest evolution and their best wheel yet, it offers the skater excellent grip, roll and stability while skating. On top of all this enhanced durability means these wheels will last longer than every before. These wheels are even competent in the rain.

Choose the FIRM hardness if you are looking for the maximum grip possible, suggested for old road surfaces and slippery tracks. Choose the XFIRM hardness when you are looking for the perfect combination of grip and roll, brand new out of the pack a great race wheel even in the sprint events. Choose XXFIRM when you just want to roll away from your competitors. 


Straight-line speed – all-road/track surface efficiency - energy-saving rebound - reliable grip - M-tech® optimization.