Advanced Analysis

Advanced Analysis


Technical refinement is the not just for the highest level athletes. Everyday fitness enthusiasts can benefit immensely from some technical correction. Improving your motor patterns by improving your technique across all exercises not only increases performance but it reduces your risk of injury, reduces wear and tear on your body and makes you more mindful as you exercise. 

A subscription to work with knowledgeable experts in your requested area on defining the best parts of your own style and technical abilities and pointing out aspects to improve and adding specific exercises to the program to make your technique more effective. send us your movies! Login! join the team, let us help you improve any aspect of your form whether on ice on the wheels, skate specific jumps or even in the gym!



DHI provides an online technical feedback and instruction service as a low cost subscription separate to training programs. You can submit one exercise or aspect of your performance per week for technical analysis and promptly receive instructions and in some cases special exercises detailing how to improve. The minimum subscription time is 3 weeks, enough for 2 re-analysis reports, this is because there is a minimum time for meaningful changes in motor control to take effect.   

Upon subscription after checkout you will be provided an instruction sheet on how to get started. Don't forget to download it.


Please Note: Training subscriptions require a different account than the equipment shop. If you are trying to login with your equipment shop account it will not work.