Climbing to 2571m in Austria

Today we finished off a productive long track training camp (in the Austrian mountains) by visiting the Grossglockner climb. The Grossglockner is known to be Austrias hardest and toughest and I can see why, when the car only likes first gear you know it is not going to be kind to an athletes legs.

It was a great way to test everyone’s spirit and character and they all did a really good job. Four athletes climbed the to the top of the 2571m summit: all  of them training for different events so we staggered their start to keep it interesting. Unfortunately, they closed the road for 5min on our way up so the boys had a frustrating pause, but that was made up at the end when over 20 Ferraris passed them on the last km of the climb. Good job to Daniel Greig, Josh Capponi (Aussie long track team) Vanessa Herzog (Austrian long track team) and Sjoerd de Vries (the smiling Dutchman).




Quotes of the day:

Des: “I just could not stop smiling the whole time”

Josh: “Des! They have blocked the road! Its gonna mess with my strava!!”

Sjoerd: “climbing is easy”

Dan: “That’s an F12 one of the nicest Ferraris ever made!”

Vanessa: “Its STEEP!,….(5 seconds silence)….its Steep!”

Anonymous: this should not be called Grossglockner it should be called gross_ _ _ _ner!!!!

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